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Archives for 2008

Musculoskeletal Function & Children

In 2003, Donald E Ingber, MD, PhD, published an article in the journal Annals of Medicine (1) titled:Mechanobiology and Diseases of MechanotransductionDr. Ingber is from the Vascular Biology Program, Departments of Surgery and Pathology, Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. In this article, Dr. Ingber emphasizes the importance of mechanics and physical forces in influencing cellular physiology, [..]

When Back Pain Can Be Extremely Dangerous…

Have you ever had leg pain and immediately blamed your lower back? Many patients (and unfortunately, many doctors) conclude such pain to be "sciatica" or a "pinched nerve." When this diagnosis is wrong, it can lead to an inappropriate type of treatment which can delay more appropriate care, or worse, may result in death due [..]

Who Else Thinks They Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is very common condition with symptoms that can vary from periodic tingling in the fingers to a debilitating disorder that can stop activities at home and work. The cause is usually gradual due to repeated movements, especially fast-paced motions such as prolonged practicing of a musical instrument, typing, various hobbies (knitting [..]

The Fibromyalgia-Sleep Connection

The link between fibromyalgia (FM) and sleep is well-established. Some experts feel FM is caused by a lack of deep sleep, which usually takes about four hours of continuous sleep to achieve. Over time, the inability to fully relax due to the lack of deep sleep results in a gradual tightening of the muscles, which [..]

Headaches and Posture

Have you ever glanced at your reflection in a storefront window or mirror as you walked by and noticed your posture? Scary, isn’t it? We all know that we should stand up straight, but we soon forget when as we fall back into our daily routine. Poor posture is often due to years of standing [..]

The Most Common Type of Wrist Pain?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a very common problem and one of the leading causes of work-related injuries. This is partially due to the advancement in technology coupled with the dramatic increase in the pace of work performance in recent decades (1). The carpal tunnel is a small space in the wrist made up of [..]

Could It Be....Fibromyalgia?!!!

Fibromyalgia (FM) affects at least 6 million Americans (1) and is the third most prevalent rheumatologic disorder (after osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) representing 5% of family practice office visits and 20% of rheumatology visits. Approximately 90% of FM patients are women between the ages of 40 and 60 years, with an average age of 49. [..]

Alternative to Back Surgery?

A study published in 2008 has results that will make you wonder whether back surgery is always necessary . In the study, researchers followed 102 patients with disk herniations confirmed by MRI and sciatic/leg pain while they waited to see a spinal surgeon. The patients had also previously tried four weeks of medications (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory [..]

Surprising Fibromyalgia Solution?

It seems a month doesn't go by when yet another scientific study is published proving the benefits of exercise for fibromyalgia patients. For example, a 2008 study by Finnish researchers looked at 26 women who were postmenopausal with fibromyalgia symptoms such as widespread pain and fatigue. In the study, the participants either completed a supervised [..]

The Meniscoid Block, Acute Neck / Back Pain & Two German Physicians…

Perhaps the most authoritative book written pertaining to the spine is Schmorl’s and Junghanns’ The Human Spine in Health and Disease. Georg Schmorl (1861-1932) was a German physician and pathologist. Herbert Junghanns (1902-1986) was the Chief of the Occupational Accident Hospital, Surgical Clinic, and Head of the Institute for Spinal Column Research, in Frankfurt, Germany. The [..]