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Archives for 2023

Chiropractic Treatment for Lumbar Disk Herniation

The annulus of the intervertebral disk is comprised of tough, dense, and strong cartilaginous fibers that protect the nucleus within, which facilitates the movement of the spine. If the structure of the annulus is compromised, the nucleus can leak into or beyond the annulus, a condition that may be classified as a disk herniation, protrusion, [..]

The Thoracic Spine and Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common condition that is the second most common reason patients seek chiropractic care (after low back pain). The term “mechanical neck pain” is a common classification defined as pain located in the cervical spine or cervicothoracic junction that is elicited and/or exacerbated by cervical motion and/or palpation of cervical musculature. [..]

Best Treatment Approach for Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of either the knee or hip is characterized by a long period of progressively increasing pain and disability that may eventually result in the need for joint replacement surgery after several years. Before considering surgical intervention, clinical guidelines recommend utilizing non-surgical treatment options first, of which there are many choices available to a patient. [..]

Neurodynamic Techniques for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition that results from pressure applied to the median nerve on the palm side of the wrist. The disorder is associated with both motor and sensory signs and symptoms such as numbness, pain, and paresthesia that radiates from the wrist first to the first three digits and can include [..]

Pediatric Manual Therapy

While the majority of research on chiropractic treatment focuses on adults with musculoskeletal conditions like neck and back pain, there is an emerging body of work on the benefits of gentle chiropractic care for the pediatric population, which makes up around .5% to 4% of most chiropractic practices. What does the current research say about [..]

Initial Provider Choice and Future Low Back Pain-Related Costs

Low back pain (LBP) is a global health problem that will affect most adults at least once in their lifetime. For many, LBP may become a chronic issue that can significantly affect their ability to work and carry out normal activities of daily living. While we often discuss how chiropractic care serves as an excellent [..]

Posture and Neck Pain in the Younger Population

After low back pain, neck pain is the most common reason for a visit to a chiropractic office. There are many risk factors for neck pain including postural faults in the neck and upper torso. Let’s look at how common poor posture is among youths and what can be done to reduce the risk for [..]

The Multifactorial Problem of Frozen Shoulder

The condition that’s often referred to as frozen shoulder goes by many monikers: adhesive capsulitis, painful stiff shoulder, periarthritis, and idiopathic restriction of shoulder movement. Regardless of the name, frozen shoulder presents itself as a stiff, inflexible, and painful shoulder joint and it often arises in a mysterious way that’s sometimes difficult to trace. The [..]

Vitamin D and Healthy Aging

Vitamin D, also referred to as calciferol, is a fat-soluble vitamin that is present in a few foods, is added to others, can be taken as a dietary supplement, and is produced endogenously when ultraviolet rays from sunlight reach the skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis.  While many people associate a lack of vitamin D [..]

Manual Therapies for Most Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patients?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a fairly common condition that occurs when the median nerve is compressed or its movement is restricted as it passes through the wrist. There can be many potential causes median nerve entrapment in the carpal tunnel from inflammation caused by overuse or chronic health conditions to mechanical injury. Treatment guidelines [..]