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Archives for 2007

Carpal Tunnel and the Magic Bullet

Patients with severe carpal tunnel symptoms often become desperate in their search for a cure. Most patients with chronic diseases fall prey to this—looking for the one answer, the one magic pill or magic bullet that will rid them of all their troubles now and forever. In carpal tunnel care, you may have looked for [..]

Fibromyalgia and Exercise: The Jury Is In!

Fibromyalgia is a frustrating disease for many patients and physicians since drug treatments seem to provide little benefit. As studies accumulate, hopefully this translates into better treatments for patients.One treatment that has been studied extensively is supervised aerobic exercise and strength training. In 2007, the prestigious scientific review group called Cochrane (Cochrane Database Syst Rev [..]

Headache and High Blood Pressure: A New Link?

Headaches are one of the common health complaints for which people seek out treatment from a healthcare provider. High blood pressure is also very common, affecting about 50 million Americans. Could the two be linked? Yes, but not in the way you may think. While some doctors question whether taking pain pills actually corrects the [..]

Low Back Problems and Their Cause

For many of us, low back pain is somewhat of a middle age problem. Lots of sufferers begin to seek chiropractic care in their 30s and 40s and wonder how it all happened. Perhaps it was a sneeze, a long drive, or gardening in the yard that set the pain off. But you were always [..]

The Fibro-Care Maze

Dr. Phil often talks to viewers about their concerns this way. Perhaps something can be learned from this approach when it comes to our bodily health. Maybe you've been through the health care maze known as "fibrocare." Many patients start off with one little problem, such as fatigue or a headache, which just seems to [..]

What Headaches Might Be Telling the Body

Our bodies often let us know there is something not quite right, but are we listening? Too often in life, with hectic day-to-day schedules, getting the kids to school and so on, we cannot be troubled by these little warning signs. So we often just take a pill to mask the pain and get on [..]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Can I Diagnose It Myself?

We are so used to fixing everyday problems ourselves in today's world that we sometimes take the same approach when it comes to healthcare.  We are bombarded by advertising messages that tell us if we have a pain in the wrist or back, then just go to the drug store and get some pills. The [..]

Fibromyalgia: What Is It and How Do Different Doctors Deal with It?

At least 2% of the United States population, or six million people, mostly women, have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. This is a chronic (long-term) disease, which is characterized by widespread pain of at least three months duration at multiple body sites, including the legs or arms and the spine. For many years, some doctors thought [..]

Headaches... What Is The Spinal Link?

Headaches are so common that we rarely question their cause or origin. In the case of headaches, it can be something as simple as jet lag to something truly ominous, such as a brain tumor. If you suffer from headaches, it is important that you get the diagnosis right. Remember that head pain is the [..]

Low Back Pain vs. A Low Back Problem: Is There A Difference?

Your "back pain" might be a misnomer. We commonly confuse pain for a problem. Doctors don't often help matters by not doing thorough examinations, and just offering a prescription of pain pills or anti-inflammatory drugs when the patient comes in with a complaint of pain. So what is the difference? The pain is part of [..]